Naruto Trading Cards

Are you interested in Naruto trading cards? Worry no more, COMING SOON we will be listing a bulk amount of Naruto cards as well. Please keep on the look out while we are in the process of updapting our listings. 

Can't wait?

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Are you a Naruto card collector? Check out all the available cards via individually or by sets!

Path To Hokage (1)

Coils of The Snake (2)

Curse of the Sand (3)

Revenge and Rebirth (4)

Dream Legacy (5)

Eternal Rivalry (6)

Quest For Power (7)

Battle of Destiny (8)

The Chosen (9)

Lineage of Legends (10)

Approaching Wind (11)

A New Chronicle (12)

Fateful Reunion (13)

Emerging Alliance (14)

Foretold Prophecy (15)

Broken Promise (16)

Will of Fire (17)

Fangs of the snake (18)

Path of Pain (19)

Tales of the Gallant Sage (20)

Shattered Truth (21)

Weapons of War (22)

Invasion (23)

Sage's Legacy (24)

Kage Summit (25)

Avenger's Wraith (26)

Hero's Ascension (27)

Ultimate Ninja Storm (28)

Tournament Pack 1

Tournament Pack 2

Tournament Pack 3

Tournament Pack 4