Weiss Schwarz Dengeki Bunko 30th Booster Box Japanese

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"Weiss Schwarz Booster Pack Dengeki Bunko 30th Japanese (16 Pack per Box)" is a booster pack for the trading card game "Weiss Schwarz". This product contains 16 card packs in one box.

  • 9 cards in 1 pack

THIS product is JAPANESE 

This set has a mixture of cards from the following series:

・ A Certain Magical Index ・ Toradora! ・ Ro-Kyu-Bu! ・ The Irregular at Magic High School ・ Accel World ・ Sword Art Online ・ My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute ・ Eromanga Sensei ・ Shakugan no Shana ・ Baccano! ・ Durarara!! ・ The Pet Girl of Sakurasou ・ Rascal Does Not Dream series ・ Strike the Blood ・ Spice and Wolf ・ Spice and Wolf New Theory: Wolf and Parchment ・ Liar Mii-kun and Broken Maa-chan ・ Ground Control to Psychoelectric Girl ・ Adachi and Shimamura ・ The Seven Swords Dominate ・ 86 -Eighty Six- ・ And You Thought There Is Never a Girl Online? ・ Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere ・ The Devil Is a Part-Timer! ・ Kino's Journey: the Beautiful World ・ Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online ・ The Misfit of Demon King Academy ・ Cook the Pig's Liver ・ C³ -C Cube- ・ I Can Become an (Se)! ・ Girly Air Force ・ Haruka Nogizaka's Secret‎ ・ Can Men and Women be Just Friends? (No, They Can't!!) ・ A Romantic Comedy Where the Childhood Friend Absolutely Will Not Lose ・ Black Bullet ・ You're the Only One Who Likes Me ・ Proxy Agent of Four Seasons ・ New Fortune Quest ・ Blessings upon Mamoru-kun! ・ The Infinite Distance Between Triangles is Zero ・ Rust-Eater Bisco ・ The Princess Knight's Handcuff ・ The Cosmos Manor If You Live ・ Heaven's Memo Pad ・ I'm a Receptionist at the Guild, but I Hate Overtime, so I'm Going to Solo the Boss ・ Behind the Scenes of Voice Actor Radio ・ Your Forma ・ Brynhildr in the Darkness ・ Iriya's Sky, UFO's Summer ・ Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan ・ Keely